How you can tame a Goat in Minecraft 1.17

Goats are among the many most lovable mobs in Minecraft 1.17. Present in mountain biomes and able to leaping nice heights, there are just a few hidden depths to this mob which we’ll clarify under.

Maintain studying to search out out easy methods to breed Goats, how Screaming Goats and ramming work, and (for Bedrock gamers) how one can get hold of and use Goat Horns.

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How you can tame and breed a Goat in Minecraft 1.17

Goats are impartial mobs that can’t be tamed, however they are often impelled to breed with one other goat. Goats might be fed Wheat, which can trigger them to enter “Love Mode”. If two close by Goats are each in “Love Mode”, they may procreate, and produce a child Goat.

Goats will even comply with you if yo are holding Wheat in your hand, which helps when making an attempt to convey two Goats shut collectively. It’s also possible to feed a child Goat Wheat to hurry up its development charge.

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