Block of the Week: Dripstone

Dripstone, because the title suggests, is primarily discovered within the dripstone caves biome. You’ll recognise it from its tough texture and attribute form – forming pillars that stretch from the ground to the ceiling of the cave, in addition to spikes that dangle down from the roof (generally known as stalactites) or level up from the bottom (generally known as stalagmites).

Dripstone is available in two kinds – dripstone blocks and pointed dripstone. The blocks function the bottom for the pointed variant to increase from, and they are often simply transformed. 4 pointed dripstone in a crafting grid will make a dripstone block, and if a dripstone block has a water supply block above it, it would very slowly develop pointed dripstone beneath.

Watch out, as a result of pointed dripstone could be sharp. If one falls on you from above, it hurts. In case you fall onto one, it additionally hurts. Because of this, you’ll wish to be further cautious when exploring dripstone caves. However pointed dripstone may also be helpful for gathering liquids –…

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