What’s Minecraft Hypixel, and the way do you play on it?

Minecraft is closing in on its 10-year anniversary and stays one of the fashionable video games on the planet. Among the many massive causes for Minecraft’s continued recognition are the Hypixel server and fashionable content material creators similar to Technoblade, Dream, and others. 

What was as soon as solely thought of a single-player recreation the place gamers may unfold their creativity by constructing every thing from farms to homes is now a aggressive recreation that many hundreds play on-line day by day. Particular Minecraft servers have popped off in recognition over time and Hypixel is among the absolute largest. Alongside massive content material creators on Twitch and YouTube, the Minecraft fever retains going sturdy in 2021. 

However what’s Hypixel, how do you play on it, and who’re among the massive content material creators behind it? 

What’s Minecraft Hypixel? 

Hypixel is an internet Minecraft server created in April 2013. The server is basically a minigame server the place gamers can be a part of and…

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