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Plainly, when searching for inspiration for Minecraft 1.17, its creators didn’t solely take a look at the work of the Swedish illustrator John Bauer (one of many references cited by Agnes Larsson in final 12 months’s Minecraft Dwell to outline the luxurious caves). No, plainly they’ve additionally opted for extra mundane parts to outline what the Minecraft subsoil will probably be like from the Christmas replace (do not forget that the information of the caves has been postponed till the tip of the 12 months) and, much more, it’s attainable what the zenith of inspiration would come as lunchtime approached, that uncomfortable second during which the abdomen begins to remind you that it’s your second.

And it’s that if one of many novelties that we already anticipated in Minecraft 1.17 are the spaghetti caves, with the publication of the snapshot 21w17a we discover a brand new sort of cave, the noodle caves, that’s to say, the “noodle” caves. It is extremely simple for me to think about a member of the event workforce, considering of an enormous…

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