GeorgeNotFound sings “E-Women Are Ruining My Life,” leaves Corpse Husband and followers impressed

Minecraft star George “GeorgeNotFound” Davidson just lately delivered an ideal rendition of Corpse Husband’s standard monitor, “E-Women Are Ruining My Life,” a lot to the amazement of the faceless sensation himself.

The 24-year outdated is commonly identified for his enjoyable antics on stream, particularly alongside fellow Minecraft streamer Clay “Dream.”

In a latest audio clip posted to the latter’s Twitter account, GeorgeNotFound may be heard impersonating Corpse Husband’s trademark voice, in a reasonably correct method:

Voice changer or not, George’s earnest try and make his voice sound characteristically base, akin to that of Corpse’s signature baritone, surprisingly didn’t flatter to deceive.

The British YouTuber’s managed to sound fairly much like the faceless web sensation, as he confidently mouthed the enduring traces from E-Women:

“Choke me such as you hate me, however you like me.”

His latest efficiency left scores of followers in awe, together with Corpse Husnamd himself, who hilariously gave his stamp of…

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