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Finish Crystals are one of many uncommon Minecraft gadgets that additionally occur to be an entity.

Most gamers solely acknowledge Finish Crystals once they try and struggle the Ender Dragon. Nonetheless, the extra skilled gamers know that Finish Crystals are an awesome weapon to make use of in PvP.

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Finish Crystals in Minecraft


End Crystals in The End are used to heal the Ender Dragon (Image via Mojang)
Finish Crystals in The Finish are used to heal the Ender Dragon (Picture by way of Mojang)

Whereas Finish Crystals are solely discovered naturally in The Finish, gamers can not get hold of them there.

The one manner for gamers to acquire the Finish Crystal is to craft one. Gamers can craft one Finish Crystal with one Ghast Tear, one Eye of Ender and 7 Glass.

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Makes use of

End Crystals are an extremely dangerous weapon in PvP scenarios, specifically in the 2b2t anarchy server (Image via Minecraft)
Finish Crystals are an especially harmful weapon in PvP situations, particularly within the 2b2t anarchy server (Picture by way of Minecraft)

Naturally, Finish Crystals in The Finish are used to…

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