5 finest Redstone contraptions in Minecraft 2021

Minecraft’s Redstone has an infinite talent ceiling! Which means the one restrict to Redstone is the participant’s creativity.

Whereas most avid gamers are content material with simply utilizing strain plates or buttons for his or her doorways, some have an intense want to engineer. Redstone permits these gamers to go completely wild! Listed below are the very best Redstone contraptions in Minecraft presently!

5 most helpful Redstone contraptions in Minecraft

#5 – Ephemeral Redstone Maze (16×16)

This maze changes as playersw walk through it (Image via mad_hmpf on PlanetMinecraft)
This maze modifications as playersw stroll by means of it (Picture through mad_hmpf on PlanetMinecraft)

This ingenious Redstone contraption is a totally randomized maze that modifications because the participant traverses by means of it!

As seen in this Reddit post by the creator, mad_hmpf, as gamers stroll by means of the maze, partitions will rise and drop, presumably disorienting them. Essentially the most great half about this maze is that it’s fully random, that means no two folks will get the identical maze!

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#4 – Block Conveyor (14 BPS)

Ever need to transport a block quick? (Image via u/pwouik on Reddit)
Ever want…

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