5 issues gamers did not know in regards to the Enderman in Minecraft

In Minecraft, Endermen are a few of the oldest mobs that may be discovered within the sport. They’re comparatively uncommon to seek out in comparison with different on a regular basis mobs like zombies, skeletons, and creepers.

Endermen are literally particular as a result of they’re the one mob to spawn in all three dimensions present in Minecraft: The Overworld, The Nether, and The Finish.

Listed here are some lesser-known info in regards to the Minecraft Enderman.

5 hidden info about Minecraft Endermen

#5 — Endermen are impartial mods

image via ChuChucolate, DeviantArt
picture by way of ChuChucolate, DeviantArt

Endermen in Minecraft are impartial mobs, that means that they won’t assault the participant with out being provoked. Scary an Enderman is simple as they go into assault mode as soon as they make eye contact with a participant.

The one method to cease the Enderman from attacking the participant, as soon as provoked, is to kill it or have it teleport away as a result of environmental components like rain, solar, or one other mob attacking the Enderman.

#4 — A gaggle of Endermen is named a Haunting

image via Minecraft Wiki
picture by way of…

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