How Minecraft saved me in the course of the pandemic

Taking part in retains me related to the skin world, even in isolation

Picture Caroline Marsh

Earlier than COVID-19, I spent Friday nights photographing sports activities video games and getting drinks at bars. Now my Friday nights are spent voice chatting with strangers on Minecraft—and I’m surprisingly not mad about it.

With COVID proscribing my conventional methods of social interplay, it’s been life-saving to have an alternate solution to spend time with folks. Everybody has been pressured to get inventive of their socializing, and Minecraft is how I’ve stayed sane. 

I initially redownloaded Minecraft at first of quarantine as a part of my regression to childhood comforts, together with watching outdated Scooby-Doo episodes and listening to my center faculty playlists. It was meant to be a few weeks of bouncing round a pandemic-less block world and…

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