Behold this gorgeous ray-traced Minecraft recreation of The Lord Of The Rings’ Minas Tirith

Have you ever seemed upon the White Tree of Gondor, Ringbearer, and seen it rendered with the ability of Nvidia’s proprietary ray-tracing expertise? In collaboration with the fellowship of builders over at Minecraft Middle-Earth, the GPU-maker’s newest RTX showcase takes us on a tour of The Lord Of The Rings’ monolithic metropolis, Minas Tirith.

From the appears of issues, Nvidia took current work from the Minecraft Center Earth group, utilizing its spectacular RTX ray-tracing tech to boost MME’s expansive LOTR recreation, itself 11 years within the making. It is a gorgeous adaptation even with out RTX, thoughts—one Rachel spent a good 10 hours exploring in its entirety, ending her quest with a swan dive off Minas Tirith’s citadel partitions.

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