What does Hearth Safety do in Minecraft?

Probably the most helpful enchantments to have on armor in Minecraft is a type of Safety, and every kind of Safety enchantment can save a participant from completely different occasions in a recreation.

Safety enchantments are a number of the most sought-after enchantments present in your entire recreation of Minecraft, alongside Feather Falling, Aqua Affinity, and extra. It is among the most helpful, on a regular basis enchantments a participant can have on their armor, and it reduces harm a participant receives by a large amount.

Right here is an outline of how Minecraft’s Hearth Safety enchantment works and every little thing a participant must know to make use of this enchantment to its fullest potential.

What’s Minecraft’s Hearth Safety enchantment?

Image via Hypixel
Picture by way of Hypixel

Minecraft’s Hearth Safety enchantment may be positioned on all articles of armor, together with all types of helmet ( the turtle shell helmet), chestplate, leggings, and boots.

This enchantment works to guard gamers from any type of fireplace harm, lessening the lack of hearts…

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