Minecraft Snapshot 21w03a | Minecraft: Java Version

At this time’s Caves & Cliffs snapshot is especially shiny! You might virtually say it is glowing… Oh wait, that is a squid.

  • Added glow lichen!
  • Added glow squid!

Glow Lichen

  • A dim gentle supply that generates in caves.
  • Use shears to select it up.
  • Use bonemeal to unfold it alongside block surfaces.

Glow Squid

Glow squids have been added, however don’t but spawn naturally. You will discover spawn eggs for them within the inventive stock.

  • Glow Squids are well-lit and will be seen from even far distances!
  • When killed, glow squids drop glow ink sacs.
  • Glow ink sacs can be utilized on indicators to make the textual content tremendous seen, even at evening! Works with colours!
  • Craft a glow merchandise body by combining a glow ink sac with an merchandise body in a crafting desk. Any merchandise in a glow merchandise body is completely illuminated, even at evening!
  • Use an Ink Sac on an indication to take away the glow impact.
  • Axolotls will assault any glow squids they see, so…watch out.
  • Dripstone blocks will be crafted from four pointed dripstone.

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