Dripstone block & sculk sensor in Bedrock Beta

The darkest, deepest corners of Minecraft are riddled with untold horrors which might be ready to be found by courageous spelunkers: historical threats lurking within the shadows, twisting speleothems that create otherworldly formations, and cute, creaking blocks that like to hearken to your footsteps as you traverse the underground.  

Wait… what? 

Our first Bedrock beta of the 12 months has arrived, containing two options from the upcoming Caves & Cliffs replace: the dripstone block and the sculk sensor. Whereas each are equally vital options, the latter is a slightly particular one; an observant block that pays consideration to its environment. Neat, I want I might do this! 

Not solely can the sculk sensor detect vibrations as much as eight blocks away – it will possibly additionally emit a redstone sign that correlates to the space of the sound it registers. Think about all of the issues you can use it for! My very own thoughts is devoid of creativeness, please ship concepts to my grime block mailbox so I can envision it too!

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