Block of the Week: Cobweb

The “cob” in “cobweb” initially comes from the Previous English phrase “coppe”, that means “spider”, which is sort of actually as a result of cobwebs are made by spiders. Not all spiders, thoughts you – there are many spider species that don’t spin webs in any respect.

Cobwebs had been added to the true world in some unspecified time in the future greater than 100 million years in the past, as confirmed by a fossilised spider internet discovered encased in amber from the early Cretaceous interval. They don’t all are available the identical form – some spiders spin extra tangled webs, and others are extra geometric. Some even construct webs communally, with many spiders sharing a single internet.

Cobwebs are product of silk, which is made inside a spider’s physique and squeezed out of organs referred to as “spinnerets”. Spiders can produce a number of sorts of silk – sticky, wonderful, or thick – for various functions. Some are able to producing as much as eight completely different silks throughout their lifetime.

In 1973, astronauts took spiders into orbit on the Skylab house…

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