Minecraft Group Giving Away Terra Swoop Pressure Map for Free

Minecraft followers are receiving a late Christmas current this week. Third-party builders who create unofficial content material for the Microsoft-owned recreation are rolling out a brand new map for the mega-popular recreation. And the excellent news is that this new map and associated journey are utterly free.

This current is accessible as a part of the Minecraft Group Celebration, which is ongoing till the early in 2021. Known as the Terra Swoop Pressure map, the journey seeds gamers in a position to head south into the fiery bowels of the map.

It’s value noting the Terra Swoop Pressure map and journey is a part of a wider arc from Minecraft Group developer NoxCrew. It’s a part of the broader Geo Descent Labs story, with the opposite components not free.

Nonetheless, with Terra Swoop Pressure, single gamers or a bunch can dive down into the core of Planet Earth to discover.

All through the Group Celebration, creators are providing free content material. It’s value heading to the

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