This Minecraft participant constructed a museum of (nearly) each mob within the sport

After years price of updates, there at the moment are a heck of plenty of Minecraft mobs to maintain straight, simply throughout regular play. However what should you wished to gather each single mob within the sport, in survival, and catalogue all of them in a museum? That seems like far an excessive amount of work, however as ever, hardcore Minecraft gamers are prepared to place within the effort that we mere mortals will not be.

Woetson collected almost each mob in Minecraft, and constructed an architecturally-impressive museum to accommodate all of them, as their Reddit video exhibits. Every flooring hosts a sequence of glass-encased displays, every of which accommodates a single mob inside, from bees to endermen and all the things in between.

There’s that ‘nearly’ phrase in there – the museum is missing the Ender Dragon, wither, hoglin, piglin, and a few variants. It’s additionally lacking aquatic creatures, however Woetson says an aquarium will probably be an upcoming project. Because it stands, Woetson estimates that the construct took over 200 hours.

Oh, and sure, you may want…

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