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Pricey Santa Claus,

It’s me, Beebop! I’ve been good all yr. I’ve been variety to individuals, I helped them once they fall down. This yr I helped put up the Christmas decorations. I went on a giant curler coaster and I wasn’t even scared. This yr for Christmas I would really like,

A sonic stuffed animal

A Minecraft stuffed animal

A BB gun

I’m so excited for Christmas! This yr I’ll depart you gingerbread Ninjas!

Love, Dean

Pricey Santa,

Thanks for giving children items on Christmas. I’m so grateful. You’re the greatest. And thank all of the elfs for serving to Santa, the elfs do an excellent job. I really like Christmas.

Love, Harper


I hope you might be doing good. I’ve been an excellent boy this yr I would really like.

1. Beyblade set

2. Child Yoda robotic

3. An enormous nerf gun

4. Batcave

5. Lego Batman

Thanks a lot, Tyler

Pricey Santa

I hope you’ve got an excellent Christmas and I hope I get stunned this yr.


Pricey Santa

1. Snot Rod

2. Large garmie

3.Monster truck

4. Cellphone

5. E-book


Pricey Santa,


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