Issues with portforwarding when establishing a server

I am making an attempt to arrange a minecraft server on my pc. The server begins up and binds to the port correctly. Through the use of my IPv4 inner deal with I can hook up with my server. Issues begin after I try to connect with the server utilizing my exterior IP. After some troubleshooting and utilizing instruments for checking open ports I came upon that the port 25565 (default port for minecraft servers) is closed. I triple-checked my port forwarding setup on my router and it’s presupposed to appropriately ahead knowledge from the exterior port 25565 to the interior port 25565 of my laptop. In my firewall I set Guidelines to permit each inbound and outbound connections for 25565 TCP/UDP. Lastly I known as my ISP to confirm if the portforwarding is not blocked, they usually assured me that it isn’t.

I am fully out of concepts (working the server utilizing the LAN emulating applications like Hamachi is a no go for me as I would like the server to be considerably public), I’d be grateful for any assist!


I am including a netstat -a right here:

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