Minecraft Snapshot 20w49a | Minecraft: Java Version

One other snapshot goes out, and this one introduces the sculk. They are a bit creepy, however do not let that put you off. Decide up some good vibrations!

  • Added dripstone caves biome
  • Added sculk sensors

Dripstone Caves biome

This biome doesn’t generate naturally but since it’s designed for the upcoming bigger caves. Nevertheless, if you wish to see the biome within the present caves you possibly can create a single-biome world with dripstone caves.

  • Accommodates loads of pointed dripstone on the flooring, ceilings, and small swimming pools of water.
  • In some locations, you’ll discover bigger stalagmites, stalactites, and columns constructed from dripstone blocks.

Sculk Sensors

  • Introducing the weird, tendril-filled world of sculk – put together for sculk sensors to creep you out with their distinctive means to detect vibrations close by.
  • A vibration is something that causes bodily movement; in case you are cautious, there are some motions which are undetectable to sensors by sneaking.
    • These sneak-friendly vibrations presently embrace…

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