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Second, you’ll be able to restore gadgets – which is finished with one of many uncooked components used to create the instrument within the first place – an iron ingot for an iron pickaxe, for instance. In case you’re questioning, elytra are repaired with phantom membranes, turtle shells are repaired with scutes, and chainmail is repaired with iron ingots. Every merchandise will restore 25% sturdiness.

Third, you’ll be able to mix two gadgets collectively. They must be precisely the identical merchandise (i.e. you’ll be able to’t mix a wood pickaxe with an iron one). Combining two gadgets will add their sturdiness scores collectively (plus a bit of bit extra as a bonus), and merges the enchantments. Professional tip – repairing instruments by combining them is commonly cheaper than doing it with particular person gadgets. For instance, a diamond shovel requires 4 diamonds to restore to full – however it may be repaired fully by combining it with a contemporary diamond shovel, which solely prices one diamond to craft.

Fourth, you’ll be able to enchant instruments with enchanted books so as to add…

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