Block of the Week: Shulker Field

Shulker bins have one use, and that’s to carry issues. They maintain issues very nicely – so nicely, in actual fact, that they gained a silver medal in Duncan’s Minecraft Issues That Can Maintain Different Issues Championship 2020 (the gold medal went to ender chests!). 

Why are they so nice? Easy – they don’t drop their contents when damaged. Not like a daily chest, they maintain tight to their contents even when picked up and put into your stock. Plop it down once more, open it up, and there’s all of your stuff. Magic! No wait, the opposite factor. Science!

In any other case, shulker bins work identical to common chests. You’ll be able to feed stuff in and pull stuff out with a hopper, they usually can carry 27 stacks of things. Meaning *fetches calculator*, that if in case you have a shulker field in each stock slot, each area of your hotbar, and your offhand slot *faucets in numbers*, then you possibly can maintain 999 stacks of things… *faucets in additional numbers* storing 63936 objects. That’s a lot of filth blocks.

However wait! Let’s say you…

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