Microsoft’s 2020 Hour of Code Lesson Doubles As Unconscious Bias Teaching

theodp writes: What if we might assemble a better world through code?”, begins the just-released teaser video for Microsoft’s 2020 Hour of Code: A Minecraft Story of Two Villages . “Help us convey two villages collectively through the ability of code! […] You’ll experience empathy and compassion to your neighbor whereas embracing the variability that makes us all uniquely specific.” Meant for ages 7-and-up, the accompanying Educator Info suggests opening the 45-minute coding lesson (using Blocks or Python) with a 10-minute dialogue of unconscious and acutely conscious bias, along with “prejudice based on race, ethnicity, age, gender, gender identification, bodily capability, religion, and physique weight.” The Info moreover suggests how lecturers might make clear to school college students the harm biases may trigger: “Every acutely conscious and unconscious biases may trigger us to behave negatively or discriminate in the direction of people….

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