Across the Block: Finish Highlands

The Finish is break up up into 5 totally different biomes. The primary, confusingly, is named The Finish – that’s the bit the place you battle the Ender Dragon. As soon as defeated, nonetheless, you may portal additional out – to a hoop of orbiting islands. The small ones are the Finish islands biome. The larger ones are break up into Finish barrens, Finish midlands, and eventually – our aim – the Finish highlands.

You’ll know once you’re there since you’ll see big forests of refrain bushes, which solely develop on this biome. If you happen to’re fortunate, although, you’ll see greater than that – you may see an enormous purple construction with glowing yellow home windows. An Finish metropolis, filled with shulkers, ender chests, Finish rods and purpur blocks. 

You may even see one thing even rarer – a construction that appears like a ship. If you happen to discover one in every of these you then’re actually in luck. It incorporates a treasure room,  which holds a few of the most precious loot within the sport.

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