Taking Stock: Refrain Fruit | Minecraft

We don’t have refrain fruit in the true world, however we do have one thing that appears fairly related. It’s known as the pitaya. It has leathery reddish-purple pores and skin, spikes on the surface, and grows on giant, branching cacti crops. 

However the clearest connection of all between the refrain fruit (which grows within the area of the Ender Dragon) and the pitaya (which comes from South America) is that the latter is popularly often known as “dragon fruit”.

Dragon fruit style a bit like raspberries, with the feel of a kiwi – due to its black, crunchy seeds. They arrive in a number of varieties, some extra bitter than others, and usually weigh a bit of underneath half a kilo. They’re very nutritious – containing a great deal of vitamin C, calcium, potassium and fibre.

The crops flower three to 6 instances per yr, and people flowers are nocturnal, counting on bats and moths for fertilisation. That’s just about an ideal match for the Finish – a dimension the place it’s fixed twilight. 

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