Now you’ll need a Microsoft account to play Minecraft in 2021

For the previous six years, Minecraft gamers have been capable of play Minecraft with out having any Microsoft account as the corporate used to carry the possession of the sport.

However now, in 2021, issues will differ from that of the previous few years. From 2021, Minecraft gamers is not going to play Minecraft in the event that they gained’t have a Microsoft account, even when they’ve an original version of these enthralling game.

Beforehand, the sport has existed in two individually developed variations: the Minecraft: Java Version and the Minecraft: Bedrock Version.

Minecraft: Java version used Mojang accounts, whereas Minecraft: Bedrock version used Home windows and Microsoft accounts. From the 2011 launch, the game has seen a huge surge in the number of players playing this game.

Now, after this current change, the account will nonetheless be the identical, and no crossplay might be offered, which implies that you gained’t have the ability to play with your mates if they’ve completely different Minecraft variations.

Two-factor authentication offered by…

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