Across the Block: River | Minecraft

Minecraft’s rivers meander throughout the panorama somewhat aimlessly. However rivers in the actual world at all times start in areas of excessive floor and nearly at all times stream into the ocean (sometimes flowing underground as an alternative).

Whereas rivers solely cowl about 0.1% of the floor of the world, they’ve been extremely vital to human civilization, and nearly the entire world’s cities are sited subsequent to rivers. Why? As a result of people want water to drink and rivers are an important supply of plenty of water. We additionally use rivers for acquiring meals, for transport, as borders, as protection, as a supply of energy, for irrigation, for bathing, and for, er, waste disposal.

The good truth I find out about rivers issues the world’s largest river – the Amazon – which used to flow in the opposite direction. The Amazon has been flowing for a really, very very long time – since at the very least 65 million years in the past, when South America and Africa had been nonetheless the identical continent – Gondwana. Round then, a mountain chain in…

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