Here is Doom operating on some Minecraft sheep, type of

First, Trey Del Bonis created a Minecraft mod called rottenplayer that modifications the color of sheep to match video enter. The primary demonstration was a model of an old meme called Bad Apple!! As the outline for that video explains, “Dangerous Apple!! is a tune from the Touhou sport collection.  It is developed a tradition of being performed on issues that usually aren’t made to play movies, like sheep.  Rather a lot like how folks run Doom on issues that weren’t meant to run Doom, like printers.”

So clearly the following step was to place a video of some precise Doom gameplay on these color-changing sheep, as you’ll be able to see above. If the unique footage wasn’t being displayed alongside it you most likely would not acknowledge this herd of flickering rectangles as id’s basic shooter, nevertheless it’s nonetheless a feat price acknowledging. Even when it is not fairly as spectacular as Doom running on a pregnancy test, or Doom running on 100 pounds of moldy potatoes.

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