‘Store Contest: Minecraft Kirby, Winners!

Screenshot: Valve / Kotaku / Pleasance13

Screenshot: Valve / Kotaku / Pleasance13

Final week, Kirby swallowed up Minecraft Steve and was a pink block with tiny arms. The web laughed at this. All of us laughed at this. Then Kirby stayed in that block kind and we stopped laughing and have become fearful…

Our successful picture this week comes from Pleasance13. Additionally, only a reminder: If the Kirby Dice talks, smiles, or strikes simply ignore it. The Kirby Dice isn’t alive. It doesn’t really feel ache. And even when it was or may, it’s a dice and is trapped right here. With you. Perpetually.

Pleasance13 (Picture: See Above)

I’ll admit I used to be fearful that this one could be tough. How humorous are you able to make a dice? Seems, you of us are fairly good at making chuckle-worthy pictures that includes cubes and plenty of different shapes. Not a brilliant helpful expertise, however a enjoyable get together trick, I assume.

Anyway, you can check out the original post to see all the entries, however listed below are a few of my favourites.

Bob The Rock is horrible. (However I might purchase…

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