Vote on the subsequent mob to be added to Minecraft throughout Minecraft Stay occasion

The three mobs out there to vote throughout Minecraft Stay will probably be:

  • Iceologer. This hostile mob would perch itself on prime of mountain tops, not in contrast to these that could be altered with a Mountain Update. The Iceologer would make mountains a tougher and formidable place, by concentrating on gamers and lobbing ice shards at them.
  • Moobloom. This passive mob has already made an look in Minecraft Earth, and could be a variant of the Mooshroom that we already know and love, besides with flowers as a substitute of fungi, and a fascination with bees as a substitute of secluded islands in the midst of the ocean.
  • Glow Squid. An alternative choice that initially appeared in Minecraft Earth, the Glow Squid is similar to the traditional squid that is already current in Minecraft, however, you guessed it, glows. This squid could be passive, and would not hurt gamers, and usually prefers to avoid different life. For that reason, and to make its glow extra spectacular, it stays in deeper, darker waters.


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