Enjoying Minecraft as a fish

It’s potential, due to the magic of modding, to play Minecraft as any of the creatures in its world. Are you able to beat the sport whereas enjoying as a fish? You can beat Minecraft as a fish.

I am gonna change right into a fish proper now. Additionally simply actual fast guys, I do know a number of you’ll in all probability skip to the tip to see if we beat the sport or not however I severely encourage you guys to look at the entire thing as a result of it’s going to offer you a full understanding of how laborious this really was and what we needed to do.We genuinely thought it was going to be unattainable.

Clearly fish on the planet of minecraft have capabilities they don’t have in our world, corresponding to carrying giant quantities of stuff and crafting extra stuff, however throughout the logic of the Minecraft world it is nonetheless unimaginable.

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