Block of the Week: Lodestone

In the actual world, lodestones are one other title for naturally-occurring magnets. These uncommon finds, product of the mineral magnetite, entice each items of iron and curious onlookers.

Most magnetite isn’t truly magnetic, and in case you magnetise it then it doesn’t keep that manner for very lengthy. However sometimes impurities of their crystalline construction permit them to remain magnetised for for much longer. This results in the query of how they change into magnetised within the first place. That is one thing science doesn’t have an excellent reply to but. The main principle is that they seize the acute magnetic fields generated when lightning strikes the bottom, which is supported by the truth that lodestones are solely actually discovered close to the floor of the Earth, not far underground.

Nevertheless they’re shaped, people have been utilizing lodestones since a minimum of the sixth century BC, when Historic Greek thinker Thales of Miletus wrote about them. Independently, Chinese language students wrote about them within the…

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