What’s it prefer to be a Minecraft mob?

I’ve been planning this heist for years. Stalking a Minecraft participant and staking out their pumpkin patch. You must sleep someday, participant, until you need the phantoms to get you. Quickly as they do, I’ll teleport in and nab considered one of their pumpkin blocks. Mwuhahaha! Typically I’m simply too good, like that Brit who writes for Minecraft.web.

However I’ll must delay the heist till tomorrow, as a result of it’s raining right this moment. Like all terrifying entities, I’m very frightened of water. What? It’s not a ridiculous worry! Omg don’t be so imply – you’ll make me cry after which my face will likely be coated in terrifying tears.

The climate cleared up and I celebrated by teleporting into the gamers pumpkin patch. I hit the jackpot! A pumpkin with legs and arms. Legs which are presently working away from me. Hey!

I gave chase. A few of my ‘pals’ advised me “that’s clearly not a pumpkin. It’s a Minecraft participant carrying a pumpkin, you lanky idiot”. Pfft, I feel I know a pumpkin after I…

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