Seems to be like Skyrim’s Darkish Brotherhood has come to Minecraft

It seems the attain of Skyrim’s enigmatic and lethal murderer guild, the Dark Brotherhood, extends far past Tamriel’s frostiest climes. The truth is, the organisation now seems to have left its distinctive mark within the whimsical world of Minecraft – properly, type of. A Minecraft modder has created some map artwork of a bloody hand print – and it appears a complete bunch of Skyrim followers are considering the identical factor about what it means.

The map artwork creator’s original post on Minecraft’s subreddit asks the sandbox game’s neighborhood for ideas on the bloody handprint, recreated in its iconic blocky artstyle. Within the mere 9 hours following the publish’s look (as of this story), it’s already obtained a hearty 3.7k upvotes – and a complete host of replies citing Skyrim’s Darkish Brotherhood, given the organisation’s distinctive emblem. “We all know”, one says, adopted by a stream of replies echoing the sentiment “beat me to it” in reply. “The Darkish…

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