Taking Stock: Rotten Flesh | Minecraft

Should you’re a dedicated zombie-slayer, then you definately’ll ultimately begin increase a backlog of rotten flesh in your chests and may begin to surprise what you need to do with it. 

For starters, you may think about consuming it – however that is most likely a foul concept. Whereas it does restore two chunks of starvation, it has a big likelihood of providing you with the starvation debuff which causes the starvation bar to drop quickly. Alternatively, you possibly can solely get the starvation debuff as soon as, so should you repeatedly cram rotten flesh into your mouth then you possibly can typically outpace the starvation drain. Don’t do that at residence, youngsters.

Wolves have a lot stronger stomachs than people do, to allow them to eat rotten flesh simply high quality. The truth is they like it a lot that it may be used to breed tamed wolves, heal their wounds, and even make child wolves develop up quicker.

Lastly, if all else fails then novice-level cleric villagers will typically purchase 32 rotten flesh for one emerald. It’s not fully clear why they need it. Perhaps they’ve…

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