Minecraft 1.16.2 Pre-Launch 2 | A Minecraft Java Pre-Launch

We have now now introduced out the second pre-release for Minecraft 1.16.2, by which one other spherical of bugs has been squished!

  • Crimson and Warped Roots now not require shears when mined

Execute Command

  • execute in now respects dimension scaling
  • MC-69876 – Pistons at Y=1 don’t push downwards / at Y=254 don’t push upwards
  • MC-124320 – Endermen can decide up and place snowless snowy grass blocks
  • MC-130558 – Merchandise frames can’t be emptied if gamerule doEntityDrops is about to false
  • MC-134084 – If gamerule sendCommandFeedback is disabled, /msg or /inform don’t show the message to the sender
  • MC-136553 – Dyes in artistic stock are in reverse order
  • MC-152037 – Powered, activator, and detector rails are deleted when pushed/pulled onto a block they can’t be positioned on
  • MC-187357 – Strongholds won’t generate in floating_islands or caves preset
  • MC-189736 – “distance” inside predicate now not works
  • MC-190552 – Demo mode resets place and stock upon launch
  • MC-190859 -…

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