How I almost died on Minecraft’s title display screen

As you could have seen already, the hillside lake proven on Minecraft‘s previous title display screen, which rotated slowly and blurrily between 2011 and 2018, has been positioned finally. The invention of the world’s seed is an entire story in itself, about how a bunch of individuals managed to infer a single location from among the many 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 worlds doable in Minecraft. That’s about as many atoms as there are in a bee, for reference, making for a reasonably daunting puzzle. However for the reason that methods used to unravel it had been so unspeakably intelligent that I may solely perceive them as literal sorcery, I’m in all probability not the particular person to ham-fistedly relay that story.

As an alternative, I assumed I’d make a pilgrimage to this fabled location by loading the 2011 beta construct the place it existed, producing a world with the sorcerers’ seed, and constructing a home by the facet of that very lake. We’ve all seen the place lots of of occasions, however I wished to know what it was prefer to dwell there. The…

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