Minecraft Dungeons information: The best way to summon all pets and companions

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Minecraft Dungeons provides you an almost limitless variety of methods to customise your playstyle and alter the best way your hero fights within the recreation. One of many largest classes to select from are companions, a kind of mob you could summon to help you in battle. There are a number of sorts of companions, in addition to cosmetic-only pets, to select from.

This is all the things you’ll want to find out about summoning all of the companions in Minecraft Dungeons:

How do I summon all of the companions in Minecraft Dungeons?

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The very first thing to find out about summoning companions in Minecraft Dungeons is that it requires using artifacts. In an effort to add these useful associates to your staff, you may have to first discover the corresponding artifact and equip it in your stock. Studying how to use artifacts is not laborious in any respect, however a number of the artifacts you want for sure companions might not present up till later within the recreation, so maintain that in thoughts.

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