Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens Information: How You Can Simply Defeat The Jungle Abomination

How To

Within the Jungle Awakens DLC of Mojang Studios’ recreation Minecraft Dungeons, you’ll finally attain the Overgrown Temple. That’s the place you may combat the boss, the Jungle Abomination, which is a huge Golem that may summon enemies. It is going to attempt crushing you with its fist or piercing you with its harmful tendrils.

Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens official art

(Picture : Mojang Studios)

What gear and artifacts to equip in jungle awakens 

There are lots of items of apparatus and artifacts that you may equip, however listed here are the perfect ones you possibly can put on when preventing the Jungle Abomination:

In case you’re going for a Melee Construct

Tools: Fighter’s Bindings (Important Hit)

Artifact: Gong of Weakening

In case you’re going for a Tank Construct

Tools: Full Metallic Armor (Safety)

Artifact: Golem Package

In case you’re going for a Ranged Construct

Tools: Harp Crossbow (Speed up)

Artifact: Fireworks

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