Here is Warzone’s Gulag, lovingly recreated in Minecraft

If you’re eradicated early in a match of Name of Responsibility: Warzone, you are dropped into the Gulag, a jail the place you may need to combat 1v1 towards one other eradicated participant. The winner will get to rejoin the battle royale match they had been eradicated from, whereas the loser can watch different 1v1 battles whereas hoping their workforce gathers sufficient money to redeploy them. It is a fairly novel system, and distinctive in BR.

One Minecraft participant is seemingly so keen on Warzone’s Gulag they recreated a blocky model of it on their server. What’s extra, they made it their spawnpoint, so once they die in Minecraft, they get despatched to the Gulag—identical to what occurs when dying in Warzone. That is dedication.

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