Find out how to discover ruined portals in Minecraft’s Nether Replace

Ruined portals are partially destroyed portals that may result in the Nether of Minecraft. Within the Nether Replace for 1.6, a ruined portal has a block you will discover on them referred to as Crying Obsidian. These ruined portals are scattered throughout your Minecraft world. You can find a number of variations of them randomly spawning in, every with a chest with loads of helpful objects accessible so that you can seize inside.

A ruined portal has the possibility to spawn underground, underwater, or out in the midst of nowhere in Minecraft. You received’t discover a distinct biome that has them, however they do typically look completely different than others. For instance, a ruined portal situated within the jungle biome has the possibility to have vines over it, whereas one within the desert received’t have any vegetation hooked up to it. You can even discover them within the Nether.

To make discovering a ruined portal a bit simpler, they’ve netherrack blocks round them. You’ll know you’re closing in on a ruined portal by the netherrack on the bottom. Those who…

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