The Nether and I | Minecraft

Everyone knows in regards to the sensible advantages of each crying obsidian and the common selection, which I prefer to confer with as stoic obsidian: resilient, sturdy, purple. Crafts anchors. Provides your Nether a regal aptitude. The record goes on. However has anybody actually taken the time to search out out why it cries? No. As a result of they lack my compassion, dedication, and free time. 

Clearly, there was just one factor left for me to do. Resign as a Minecraft.internet author and begin a brand new profession as Mojang Studio’s in the beginning Block Psychologist & Mob Life Coach. I penned a really skilled letter to Vera informing her of this variation, however as an alternative of replying in variety she despatched me a really encouraging recording of her laughing. It nearly feels like she’s saying “No”, nevertheless it was laborious to inform. 

Despite the fact that the crying obsidian hasn’t stopped weeping, I believe it is perhaps crying even more durable now, I felt able to increase my consumer base. Earlier than I might begin passing out flyers, I heard a curious chirping…

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