Minecraft Dungeons Cacti Canyon secrets and techniques: Places, information & extra

To seek out these secrets and techniques you’ll must beat the sport as soon as and are available again by in your second run.

Minecraft Dungeons has included a little bit of a treasure hunt for gamers to determine with secrets and techniques and runes hidden in each location.

Whereas the journey to search out these secrets and techniques could be enjoyable, it may be a protracted and complicated one.

With the intention to skip this, right here’s the place to search out the Cacti Canyon secrets and techniques, and find out how to use them.

Navigating Cacti Canyon

Cacti Canyon is an exquisite location in Minecraft Dungeons. However with loads of precarious edges and mobs round each nook, it’s harmful for those who’re unprepared.

To finest navigate Cacti Canyon to have the ability to discover its secrets and techniques, some artifacts will help. This consists of the Gentle Feather which permits gamers to roll, and the Boots of Swiftness for a velocity enhance.

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Cacti Canyon secrets and techniques

Secret # 1

Minecraft Dungeons Cacti Canyon secret location 1
ONE DOWN- The primary secret in Cacti Canyon could be discovered on this stone construction, it’s within the…

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