LaffenGas recreated the unique 2011 Minecraft Trailer

The Reddit Consumer, LaffenGas, has recreated the unique 2011 Minecraft Trailer with the Minecraft’s RTX on, displaying simply how far Minecraft has come within the 9 years that it has been launched.

Whereas this video does faithfully recreate some features from the unique trailer some features have been modified to indicate additional how far the sport has come, a few of these modifications embody having a piece the place you see the participant swimming, taking part in with a Redstone lamp and hanging out with the Villagers.

I recreated the 2011 Official Minecraft Trailer in 2020 (with RTX on) from Minecraft

Within the first modified part, the participant is swimming via the water with the brand new animations moderately than atop a big desert mound. This animation is the participant being horizontal and swimming utilizing their arms to extend the general swimming velocity.

This alteration reveals that whereas there have been large updates to the sport, because the addition of Actual-time Ray Tracing, or RTX, there have additionally been smaller updates, which…

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