Finest methods to grind for emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons isn’t the everyday Minecraft expertise. There’s little or no of the particular Minecraft within the sport. Emeralds, nevertheless, stay a Minecraft staple. Emeralds have the identical position in each video games: foreign money. Within the authentic sport, emeralds may be traded to the Wandering Dealer for objects. The Wandering Dealer can also be in Minecraft Dungeons and nonetheless loves his emeralds. 

Buying and selling has a much bigger position in Minecraft Dungeons than in authentic Minecraft. Each the Wandering Dealer and the Blacksmith will commerce objects for emeralds after you get them arrange in your camp. 

You may get emeralds in 3 ways:

  • Defeating Enemies
  • Opening Chests
  • Salvaging Weapons

The most typical solution to discover emeralds is by defeating enemies. Eager-eyed gamers possible seen this already. One tip is to equip an axe with the Prospector Enchantment. Prospector will increase the variety of emeralds dropped from defeated mobs. The upper the enchantment degree, the extra emeralds will drop. This doesn’t should be your primary…

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