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Random vs mounted items

Whereas many rooms are randomly generated all through the degrees of Minecraft Dungeons, there are additionally ones which are mounted and by no means change. These rooms function landmarks, or set items, meant to create crimson threads for each mission – factor in case you ask Laura and Christian, as procedurally generated content material wants boundaries.

Christian: Let’s say that, after you’ve got cleared 5 rooms, you encounter a landmark room. That room can have 4 totally different variations, however it should nonetheless make you realise that “Alright, I’ve cleared 5 rooms” even in case you didn’t actually preserve monitor of that in your head. It’ll additionally make you realise that “Alright, I’ve now reached an setting that’s totally different from the remainder” – and that can inform the participant that they’ve made progress via the extent itself. It additionally breaks up the monotony and makes the extent look extra fascinating!

Laura: Landmarks are vital for the sake of the missions and the story. However…

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