Residence education my children in lockdown has been a horror

After a couple of preliminary hiccups, the boys had obtained to grips with the brand new expertise and have been transferring seamlessly between Zoom, Whatsapp and Microsoft Groups (Image: Nadia Cohen)

There’s a genius in my son’s class who has by some means managed to set his Zoom username to ‘Reconnecting’ so he seems to be experiencing faux technical difficulties, and has modified his background to a photograph of himself working.

The impact is that it appears like he’s studiously listening, when he has, in actual fact, slipped away to play Minecraft on his X-box.

It’s spectacular stuff, and the lad will in all probability be Prime Minister in the future. However what about these of us not faring fairly so expertly on the subject of the horrors of residence education – particularly these whose children usually tend to be heading again to highschool in September moderately than the subsequent few weeks?

It began out so nicely. We eagerly mapped out brightly colored timetables on new whiteboards ordered on Amazon Prime. We set an early…

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