Minecraft Dungeons: Finest Armour Information – Scale Mail, Hunter, Wolf, Highland & Distinctive Armour

With the intention to tackle enemy mobs and discover the very best loot, you’ll want the appropriate armour set at your disposal.

Minecraft Dungeons is about to introduce the blockbuster franchise to a brand new course, with an RPG expertise centred round preventing mobs and grinding for gear.

That signifies that there are piles of loot, gear, and weapons, and loads of monsters to slay.

Naturally, you’re going to want the appropriate instruments at your disposal.

Right here’s our information for the very best armour we’ve present in Minecraft Dungeons, together with the forms of gameplay and enchantments they support.

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Scale Mail

Scale Mail is a melee character’s finest buddy because it boosts melee harm, harm discount, and well being.

scale mail minecraft
VERSATILE: Change it up with extra aggressive talents to kind extra of a berserker-style of play

You’ll need to use this whenever you stand up shut and private together with your enemies.

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When utilized in mixture…

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