Minecraft Snapshot 20w13b | Minecraft

Ever felt that you simply wish to take a journey throughout fields of lava? Yeah? Me too! This snapshot introduces the lovable(?) Strider. It’d want some assist with instructions…

Edit: We have now launched 20w13b to repair just a few bugs.

  • MC-175177 – Exhausting, breaking or obstructing the respawn anchor creates ghost blocks within the overworld when breaking blocks
  • MC-175988 – Dying with out a legitimate spawnpoint causes a softlock
  • MC-176004 – Can’t work together with the world after dying ultimately or the nether with out a legitimate spawn level
  • Added the lodestone
  • Added the Strider
  • Basalt is fashioned when lava flows over soul soil subsequent to blue ice
  • Farmer villagers can now compost seeds


A brand new block that may allow you to get your bearings!

  • Crafted from a Netherite ingot and chiseled stone bricks
  • Use a compass on a lodestone to create a lodestone compass pointing to that lodestone


A brand new mob residing the lava lakes of the Nether.

  • Striders can stroll on high of the floor of lava
  • May be saddled, however…

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