Minecraft Dungeons enables you to turn out to be a fire-hurling fox warrior

We’re getting nearer and nearer to the launch of Minecraft Dungeons, the Diablo-style Minecraft spinoff that focuses on action-packed crypt crawling over constructing and creating. A brand new clip of gameplay footage supplies a quick peek at a personality loadout and the way it will work in observe.

You may take a look at the clip under. In it, you’ll be able to see how the character paperdoll stock system works – you merely seize a bit of kit out of your backpack and plunk it into considered one of three slots over your character. There’s one for melee, one for armour, and one to your ranged weapon. Down under, you might have three extra slots for varied gadgets or artifacts.

Within the video, the participant has an enchanted ax that’s imbued with hearth, some distinctive fox armour (which provides +38 to well being, a 30% likelihood to negate hits, and supplies a buff that heals close by allies whenever you quaff a well being potion), and an elite energy bow that’s firing arrows pulled from a flaming quiver. The fox armour,…

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