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Enchantment Description Max Stage Enchanting Desk Enchantment E-book and Anvil Aqua Affinity Will increase underwater mining pace. 1 Helmet. Turtle Shell Bane of Antrhopods Will increase injury to anthropods, and it’s unique with enchantments smite and sharpness 5 Sword Ax Blast Safety Reduces explosion injury and knockdown. Mutually unique amongst different safety enchantments 4 Helmet. Chest. Leggings. Boots. Turtleshell Chopping You might have elevated injury and defend beautiful. Mutually unique with bane of arthropods, sharpness, and smite 3 Ax Channeling Utilizing a Trident, you possibly can solid down a bolt of lightning at a goal. It solely works throughout thunderstorms, and if the goal is just not blocked from the sky 1 Trident Curse of Binding Prevents removing of things from armor slots 1 All armor Curse of Vanishing
(Java version) The merchandise is destroyed if you die 1 All gadgets Depth Strider Will increase your motion underwater. Mutually unique with the enchantment, frost walker 3 Boots Effectivity Will increase your mining pace….

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